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2013 Boston Red Sox World Series Champions
Giclee prints of original painting by: Elaine Felos Ostrander
NOW available.
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Marathon "Boston Strong"
print of original watercolor painting by:  Elaine Felos Ostrander
to benefit "Bauman Strong" and One Boston Fund.  
Giclee signed and numbered print is $125.00  
For a memorial print please contact Elaine Ostrander at: 


Cape Cod Memorial for Newtown Tragedy

The Harwich Community Center Displays Memorial for Newtown Tragedy

Noted Harwich artist and illustrator Elaine Felos Ostrander presented Director Carolyn B. Carey of the Harwich Community Center with an image Ostrander created of a mermaid and 26 seashells. The work of art is in memorial for the tragedy in Newtown. On her daily walk on the Cape Cod shore Ostrander gathered the seashells for the image and as Ostrander worked on her tribute she put her thoughts into words in the form of a poem. "The Poem" will be displayed together with the tribute:

A mermaid hovers over
26 Shells gathered along the shore
Capturing their spirit in her heart and ours
The water flows over their souls
Their memory we will always hold
Newtown, give up your angels to the sea
Where they can stay for eternity.

For a memorial print please contact Ostrander at: 


FOX25 Zip Trip 8/14/09


Johnny PesKy Print for sale
$250 (unframmed)
$450 (framed)

Contact, the artist:
Elaine Felos Ostrander at
or phone by
contacting the gallery at


Before September 27th's game at Fenway a
painting by Elaine Ostrander
commissioned by Red Sox and Red Sox wives
was presented to Johnny Pesky in honor of his 86h birthday.

"Return to Glory"
a tribute to the 2008 World Champion
Boston Celtics Giclee,

art quality on watercolor paper,
signed and titled prints image size 12" X 16" $50.00,
order two or more for $40.00

Contact, the artist:
Elaine Felos Ostrander at
or phone by
contacting the gallery at

Face of a Champion
2007 World Champion
Boston Red Sox

click on image for larger view

Prints Available NOW!!!!

11" x 14" poster print $20.00
11" x 14" Signed litho print $40.00
20" X 30" Signed, matted and framed litho print $250.00
Print only $150.00

Contact, the artist:
Elaine Felos Ostrander at
or phone by
contacting the gallery at


Elaine with her husband & grandchildren, Jackie and Steven along
with the President of the Stoughton Chamber, Terry Schneider
and his family.

Elaine with Author Bill Nowlen,
wrote the book about Johnny Pesky, called
Mr. Baseball and many other books
about the Red Sox

Elaine and husband Ed with Tim Samway
well know amatuer photographer
amongst the Red Sox, on the
Board of Directors of the Bo Sox club &
personal friend of Johnny Pesky.

Trophy comes to the Art Center!!!

Elaine Ostrander with trophy

Resident Artist Janet Landry-Borden with Husband Robert and son Neal

Brand new red sox fans!!!
The Gallant Family
12" X 16" Giclee prints $75
18" X 24" Giclee prints $200
11" X 14" Poster Prints $40

"World Series Celebration"
By Elaine Felos Ostrander
"NE Patriots 3 Time Champions"
By Elaine Felos Ostrander
"Just in Case you haven't heard, we kept the faith, we persevered."
By Elaine Felos Ostrander

The 15" X 20 " limited edition
are signed and numbered
$100.00 unframed
$250.00 framed.

Poster prints 11" X 14"
are $30
Mulitple order discounts

The painting celebrates 2004
Boston Red Sox that became
the major players that contributed
to the World Series Victory.

Framed prints are available
upon request.

Sorry only unframed prints are
available for shipping.

Contact, the artist:
Elaine Felos Ostrander at
regular mail or phone by
contacting the gallery at

"Tom Brady, Leading the Way"
By Elaine Felos Ostrander

Poster prints 11" X 14" are $20
Mulitple order discounts

Framed prints are available
upon request.

Orders can be made by e-mail,
regular mail or phone by
contacting the gallery at

United We Rise a commemorative print by Elaine Felos Ostrander honoring and remembering the heroes and victims of the 911 terrorist attack. The proceeds from the sale of this print are going to the widows and children of the firemen and policemen that were lost at the WTC.

United We Rise

By Elaine Felos Ostrander
email questions/comments to Elaine Felos Ostrander

The print alone is $20   $30 (1st addition has sold out--- 2nd addition will be signed and number, price has been adjusted to cover production costs) plus shipping and packaging charges if it is to be mailed. The print framed will range in price from $75 - $125 depending on the mat size and framing material. Orders can be made by e-mail,
regular mail or phone by contacting the gallery at 781-344-4751. At the very first fund raiser that the print appeared $800.00 in sales were made.

This story ran on page 10 of the Boston Globe's South Weekly section on 10/21/2001.

Drawing strength from painting By PAMELA TEEHAN MIELE, 10/21/2001

Stoughton artist Elaine Felos Ostrander watched the events of Sept. 11 unfold on her television set, she felt helpless until a phone call from her son inspired her to get to work. The result is a watercolor painting, ''United We Rise.'' The painting, now a commemorative print, was also inspired by the photograph taken by AP photographer Thomas Franklin, said Ostrander, 59.

''It's a tribute. To our firefighters, to New York City, to our liberty and freedom, and because the flag that the firefighters are lifting is draped around the Statue of Liberty, it represents the weight of liberty being tested,'' she explained in a recent interview. She began painting the image on Friday following the event and finished the work on Tuesday.

''My son called me up and said, `Ma, I want you to do a painting. I want you to make it so that no one will ever forget that day.' I didn't want to make it depressing, I wanted it to be uplifting. That's why I have the four planes wrapped in the red, white and blue ribbon being uplifted,'' Ostrander said.

The watercolor print combines several scenes including one in which the crown of the Statue of Liberty is replaced by the original skyline of the city with the twin towers intact.

The response to her work has been overwhelming. ''The emotional response to it has been incredible,'' Ostrander said. ''We initially printed 500 copies and we will need a second printing soon.''

Proceeds from the sales will benefit the families of the firefighters and police officers lost in the trade center tragedy. The print costs $20 and is available at the Felos Memorial Art Center, 720 Park St., Stoughton. For more information, call 781-344-4751 or visit


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